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    Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training considers customers’ satisfaction at the forefront of its priorities.

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Information Technology

​ACTVET keeps growing in size and in the diversity of its IT needs where virtually all staff use Information Technology, with a wide variety of needs and abilities. The IT function at ACTVET is constantly challenged to meet the growth demands of the technical and vocational education and training sector in the emirates of Abu Dhabi.

The ACTVET IT objectives come from the diverse needs and immediacy required by users. To be effective, the service needs to be immediate, and needs to match the different skill and knowledge levels of the Users. We take primary responsibility for emphasis on improving co-operation and communication between IT Staff and Users.

ACTVET IT believes that from a User’s point of view, it is important that services are designed as far as possible to match their needs so they see usable tools rather than pieces of technology they must join together. That implies putting thought into what is needed to integrate services and applications, to provide consistent interfaces, and ensure reliability at all levels of a service that appears to a User as a tool.

This comes down to the concept of IT Architecture. It is the systematic development of standards to cover all areas, particularly where IT systems interface, and also in standard computer configurations and software standards. Then users can be assured that different computers, operating systems, and applications will work together in an easily comprehendible way.  Once successful, the reward is an improved environment for Users, and reduced support efforts and costs.

Many people will be cynical about standards. Certainly they will be if they are not involved in developing them. So it is as important how you go about developing and adopting these standards as which standards you adopt. Consultation must be wide, and a fair representation of interested parties must participate in the selection process.

ACTVET IT prides itself in its ability to provide a coherent and rational framework on which to decide where services should be developed, and to set expectations of both End Users and Management.

It is without a doubt that the IT function keeps on learning about its strengths and areas of improvement as it continues to interact closely with Technology Users here at ACTVET.​