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Awarding Body
The Awarding Body approves Registered Training Providers (RTPs to deliver credit-bearing Technical and Vocational Education and Training Qualifications)

In 2014, the National Qualifications Authority (NQA) and the Vocational Education and Training Awards Council (VETAC) of the UAE have authorized Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET) as the first Awarding Body in the United Arab Emirates. 

ACTVET Awarding Body oversees the quality assurance of qualification development and delivery processes for Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates. 

ACTVET Awarding Body:

The Awarding Body approves Registered Training Providers (RTP’s) to deliver credit-bearing Technical and Vocational Education and Training Qualifications endorsed by the National Qualifications Authority (NQA). 

ACTVET Awarding Body provides sufficient resources to conduct the requirements for administering and delivering the qualification process efficiently and effectively regulated by the NQA.

The  Awarding Body oversees the quality of delivery, assessment and internal verification of National Qualifications and ensures the Standard.

ACTVET Awarding Body offered services:

1. Registration of candidates: 

RTPs are required to register candidates with ACTVET, which are submitted through ACTVET CRM system within 30 working days of learners enrolment at the RTP

2. Amend Candidate: 

RTPs can modify candidate record if required 

3. Deregister candidate: 

This service is provided in order to withdraw candidate registration from a qualification  

4. Claim for Certificates: 

RTPs have to claim for learner's certificates after the successful completion of qualification delivery and the internal verification activities at the RTP. ACTVET team will conduct an external verification visit to the RTP to ensure the compliance of the RTP with VETAC Standard

5. Issuing a replacement certificate for a damaged / lost learner certificate: 

The service offered provides duplicate certificate service for the re-issuance of damaged or lost learner certificates. The service will provide a replacement certificate from the original details from ACTVET advanced CRM system

6. Formative External Verification / Consultation Service:

This service provides quality assurance of National Vocational Qualifications confirming compliance with statutory regulation, quality standards and the expectations of the NQA. The service has two variations, Formative EV visit and Summative EV visit. Formative visits should be performed after at least two internally verified assessments have been carried out. The consultation service provides training establishments and RTP’s with advice and guidance to comply with statutory regulation, and NQA expectations. This service is used by LTP’s or Training Centres who wish to become an RTP to support the application for RTP approval or improve quality. 

NQA Qualifications:

•NQA Endorsed National Qualificataions. 

Arts, culture and entertainment
MED03001NQ17Certificate 3 in IT Multimedia
Certificate 4 in IT Multimedia
MED05001NQ17Diploma in IT Multimedia
Building and construction, estates and assets development and management ​
PRP03001NQ19Certificate 3 in Security Operations
PRP04001NQ18Certificate 4 in Supervising Security Operations
Business, administration and financial services ​
ADM01001NQ17Certificate 1 in Office Administration.
ADM02001NQ17Certificate 2 in Office Administration.
ADM03001NQ17Certificate 3 in Office Administration.
ADM04001NQ17Certificate 4 in Business Administration.
ADM05001NQ17Diploma in Business Administration.
ADM05003NQ17Advanced Diploma in Business Administration
CAFC00020112Level 2 Composite Award in Preparing for work in an office environment
CAFC00030112Level 3 Composite Award in Participating in an Office Environment
CAGC00040112Level 4 Composite Award in Contributing to People Management
CAIC05040112Level 4 Composite Award in Undertaking Marketing Activities
CAOF95040112Level 4 Composite Award in Facilitating Leadership
FIN03001NQ17Certificate 3 in Accounting.
FIN04001NQ17Certificate 4 in Accounting.
FIN05001NQ17Diploma in Accounting.
FIN05001NQ19Level 5 Award in Retail Banking Customer Service
FIN05002NQ19Level 5 Award for Certified Retail Bankers
FIN05003NQ19Level 5 Award in Retail Banking Operations
FIN05004NQ19Level 5 Award in Retail Banking Sales
FIN06001NQ17Advanced Diploma in Accounting.
PQFC05010112Certificate 1 in Human Resources
PQFC05020112Certificate 2 in Human Resources
PQFC05030112Certificate 3 in Human Resources
PQFC05040112Certificate 4 in Human Resources
PQFC05050112Diploma in Human Resources
PQGC00040112Certificate 4 in Management
PQIC05040112Certificate 4 in Marketing
PQOF95040112Certificate 4 in Leadership
SAFC00040112Level 4 Component Award in Supporting Office Administration
SAFC00040212Level 4 Component Award in Facilitating Office Resources
SAFC00050212Level 5 Component Award in Facilitating Professional Development within a Business Environment
SAFC05040112Level 4 Component Award in Facilitating Recruitment Processes
SAFC05040112Level 4 Component Award in Supporting Employee Services
SAFC05040312Level 4 Component Award in Facilitating Employee Development
SAFC05050112Level 5 Component Award in Managing Employee Development Programs
SAFC05050212Level 5 Component Award in Managing Employee Benefits
SAFC05050312level 5 Component Award in Managing HR Information Systems
SAFCOO050112Level 5 Component Award in Developing Office Systems and Processes
Community, health and social services ​
HLT03001NQ17Certificate 3 in Environment, Health and Safety
HLT04001NQ17Certificate 4 in Environment, Health and Safety
HLT05001NQ17Diploma in Environment, Health and Safety
HLT06001NQ17Advanced Diploma in Environment, Health and Safety
Education, learning and social development
CAOF45040112Level 4 Composite Award in Facilitating Learning and Development
CAOF90050112Level 5 Composite Award in Assessing Learners
CAOF95010312Level 1 Composite Award in Career Development
CAPF90050112Level 5 Component Award in Internal Verification
CAPF90050112Level 5 Composite Award in External Verification
EDU04001NQ17Level 4 Award in the Principles and Processes of Assessment
EDU04002NQ17Level 4 Award in Assessment (Vocational Setting)
EDU04003NQ17Level 4 Award in Assessment (Workplace Setting)
EDU04004NQ17Level 4 Award in Assessment
PQOF45040112Certificate 4 in Learning and Development
PQOF45050114Diploma in Learning and Development
PQPF90050114Diploma in Quality Assurance of Qualifications
SAOF95060117Level 6 Component Award in Educational Leadership 
Energy resources - oil, natural gas, petrochemical, chemical and mining/quarrying ​
ENG04003NQ17 Certificate 4 in Process Operations for Oil and Gas
Government services and public administration ​
DEF05001RQ17Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance (Avionics)
DEF05002RQ17Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance (Airframe and Powerplant)
Tourism, hospitality, retail and leisure services including personal care services

CALD65040112Level 4 Composite Award in Facilitating Customer Service Requirements
CALD70020114Level 2 Composite Award in safe stock control and merchandising
CALD70020214Level 2 Composite Award in retail products
RET02001NQ19Certificate 2 in Retail Operations.
RET03001NQ17Certificate 3 in Retail Operations
RET04001NQ17Certificate 4 in Retail Operations
RET05001NQ17Diploma in Retail Operations
SALD70010114Level 1 Component Award in career planning for retail
SALD70020114Level 2 Component Award in retail services
SALD70020214Level 2 Component Award in stock control and merchandising
SALD70020314Level 2 Component Award in communication and retail
TSM03001NQ19Certificate 3 In Tourism
TSM04001NQ19Certificate 4 in Tourism
TSM04002NQ19Certificate 4 in Customer Service.
TSM05001NQ19Diploma In Tourism
Utilities and infrastructure

ENG03001NQ17Certificate 3 in Engineering Technology
ENG04001NQ17 Certificate 4 in Electrical Engineering Technology
ENG04002NQ17 Certificate 4 in Mechanical Engineering Technology
ENG05001NQ17 Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology
ENG05001NQ18Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
ENG05002NQ17 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology
ENG06001NQ18Advanced Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
ENG06002NQ18Advanced Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering
ENG07001NQ18Applied Bachelor in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
ENG07002NQ18Applied Bachelor in Aeronautical Engineering
UTL04001NQ19Certificate 4 for Nuclear Engineering Operations
UTL05001NQ18Diploma of Nuclear Power Plant Technology (Chemistry / Radiation Protection)
UTL05001NQ19Diploma of nuclear power plant operations
UTL05002NQ18Diploma of Nuclear Power Plant Technology (Electrical Maintenance)
UTL05003NQ18Diploma of Nuclear Power Plant Technology (Instrumentation and Control Maintenance)
UTL05004NQ18Diploma of Nuclear Power Plant Technology (Mechanical Maintenance)
UTL06002NQ18Advanced Diploma of Nuclear Power Plant Operations
UTL07001NQ18Applied Bachelor of Nuclear Power Plant Operations