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Originated from the Emirati culture, “FAZAA” is the initiative of providing help and assistance to others. “FAZAA” is one of the most distinguished attributes that Emiratis feel proud about. Emirati people have always striven to offer help to others in times of difficulty and prosperity to strengthen the social ties and share life events with others. The person undertaking “FAZAA” can best be characterized with altruism, generosity, courage and philanthropy.

Abu Dhabi Center for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET) and Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (TCA) have developed a strategic partnership and have merged the original ACTVET Community Service program into the volunteering program "FAZAA". This joint initiative, managed by ACTVET, aims to encourage the younger generation to play a significant role in promoting and preserving the culture and heritage of the UAE and to raise community awareness through voluntary work. 

Fazaa Objectives

The main goal of FAZAA program is to enhance students’ personal development in the following ways: 

  • Build students’ loyalty, citizenship and lifelong learning skills. 
  • Prepare UAE nationals to take a positive active role in society. 
  • Enable students to reach their full potential in a structured program which encourages personal growth as well as a sense of social awareness and responsibility. 
  • Establish work ethics, social values, internship participation, and professional network for all students. 
  • Promote ACTVET’s image as a distinguished provider in preparing loyal UAE nationals who take pride in belonging to the UAE. 

Who can participate in FAZAA Volunteering Program?

  • UAE Nationals.
  • Students enrolled in a public education program in the UAE.

If you are a student enrolled in an entity under the umbrella of ACTVET you can register to Fazaa Program .
If you are enrolled in another public school please refer to the Student Services Office for further information on the registration process.