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The Finance Section is responsible for the effective financial management and stewardship of the Centre and for ensuring that ACTVET's financial position remains healthy, controlled and complies with resolution to set up ACTVET whilst adhering to Department of Finance policies and expectations of Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority.

The Finance Section is a support function and reports to the office of Director of Support Services. The central Finance Section staff takes their professional leadership from the Head of Finance.

The Finance Section is directly responsible for areas such as delivery of management reporting that enables senior and local managers to effectively manage their activities, Statutory financial and fiscal reporting, Processing transactions related to revenue, expenditure for capital projects and financing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Cash Management, Year-end preparation and External Audit, Budget Setting & Control, Adhoc & planned submission of reports to Department of Finance, Executive Council and other government Organisations, as well as Overseeing of IAT and ADVETI Financial Operation, in addition to other requirements.

In terms of Strategic aims, the Finance Section is responsible for maintain tight stewardship over ACTVET’s financial resources, ensuring that financial funding through Department of Finance are available for managed strategic growth without over commitment as well as develop a culture of customer service and support, and continually improve the provision of financial advice provided to functional managers to assist them in the effective management of their area of responsibility and the organisation overall.