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Procurement and Contracts

The Procurement and Contracts Section serves as a support function to ACTVET overall mission. It is responsible for the procurement of goods and services of high quality and at a competitive cost.

The Purchasing and Services function serves all of the Faculty, Staff, and Students at ACTVET and its Schools and Institutes.

As the centralized Procurement & Contracts Department for ACTVET, we are responsible for an annual procurement spend of approximately AED 250 Millions. 

We are committed to effective and efficient practices in Procurement, Logistics Management, Project Management, and ensuring that we spend our budgets wisely while maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct. As one of our primary functions, we ensure clear separation of responsibilities to enable the realization of all value and unit cost targets. 

We are continually engaged in finding ways to lessen our costs, increase our productivity, boost our quality, and improve our processes. 

It is this integrated approach that has led ACTVET to become a leader in the Vocational and Technical Education industry, from its humble start in 2010. It is also this adherence to quality and cost consciousness that has led to our ongoing success despite the many pressures of the local and international economic climate.