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​The License is the approval granted by ACTVET to a training provider to practice training  in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The licensing function ensures that privately funded training providers in Abu Dhabi have the governance, resources, and management systems needed to deliver and assess training.

This is achieved through the  ACTVET inspection model which identifies a number of defining features that are evidenced based and central to any training provider that genuinely aims to meet the needs of the learners. These factors have been carefully selected to help inspectors complete the inspection process in an objective manner.

The defining features have been grouped under the following standards mainly relating to:

  • Governance.

  • Teaching & Learning.

  • Data Management.

  • Resources.

  • Health & Safety / Facility.

Each standard has a number of elements to direct the LTP to the more crucial aspects of a training provider’s operations. The detailed criteria of each theme is indicated on the portal. 

The inspection model is not a goal in itself, but a method of motivating the LTPs to benchmark their performance against their peers in the TVET sector, and support the ongoing cycle of self- assessment and review, which represents good practice for all the LTPs.