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TVET Innovation Workshops


Teaching and learning in the 21st Century can no longer be a traditional experience of “sit and get.” Teachers as well as students must strive to creatively employ technology tools to access, evaluate, synthesize, and communicate information.
The workshops aim at building the capabilities of TVET practitioners and students and at providing a platform for exchanging hands–on experiences and practical tools.

During the 2017 edition, two interactive workshops took place aiming at introducing the latest technologies in education.  The workshops that were conducted were the following:

  • Beyond the Classroom Walls/The world is my Classroom
  • All in one: The Full Integration of Technology into Learning

The participants of the workshops highly appreciated the workshops and commented on their relevance by saying :

 “This was a great learning experience for me as I was talking to an expert who could give them firsthand information about the latest technology in this field” Fatma/Teacher