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TVET Innovation Week 

The Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET) organizes TVET Innovation Week annually in conjunction with UAE Innovation Month. This event brings together experts, industry representatives, entrepreneurs, students, and educators to exchange ideas and expertise on a range of critically important themes in the various fields that constitute Technical and Vocational Education And Training (TVET).

This event represents a unique opportunity for students to acquire latest information about new programs and professions in the field of TVET by visiting mini-exhibitions, workshops, and diverse seminars held at ACTVET’s educational institutions across the UAE.

TVET Forum

TVET Leaders Forum brings together national and international leading experts and professionals within the TVET sector to address the key challenges facing TVET and innovation, as well as to enhance the quality of TVET and highlight its role in supporting the economy and encouraging effective partnerships to bridge the gap between educational outcomes and needs of the labour market. In doing so, the TVET Leaders Forum becomes a catalyst for positive change, ensuring that TVET remains a driving force in addressing the contemporary demands of both industry and society.

This year marks the first time the forum will be held along with the EmiratesSkills National Competition at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). Attendees will have the chance to participate in insightful sessions with leaders from the TVET industry and witness talented young Emiratis showcasing their skills in various fields during the competition.​

The themes of the previous TVET Editions and this year :