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TVET Innovation Week 2022

                                   "Private sector enhances youth employability" 

If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more, learn more or become more… please contact us as we are looking for you!  Tell us your story!  We are willing to hear it!

We are looking for stories of inspiring female and male young Emiratis (15 to 30 years old) who are exceptional role models to their peers and the whole community.  We want to learn from your story, document it and highlight it in the media hoping that it will inspire others to follow your example.  We will also invite you to speak at our Leaders Forum that had the honor of hosting H.E. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed in its third edition that took place during the year 2017.

Whom are we looking for?

-  Have you showcased drive, self-reliance and will power to achieve your objectives regardless of the challenges (physical or environmental) you have been faced with?

-   Have you led an exceptional initiative that has positively impacted your community?

-   Are you an innovator, inventor or an entrepreneur?


If you are one or know someone, don't hesitate to contact us!  We are looking for inspiring young Emiratis from all walks of life like art, industry, social entrepreneurship and others.

If you want to nominate yourself or someone you know, please contact TVET WEEK Team via email through TVETInnovationWeek@actvet.ac.ae addressing about the following points:

-  A brief about yourself or the person you are nominating;

-  A brief about why you should be considered;

-  Links to articles, websites, interviews, etc. that support your application or document your story.


Deadline: December 30th, 2021

Please check the following document "Call for Inspiring Young Emiratis" to get the full details of the initiative.

Submission of Abstracts:

Abstracts should be no longer than 2 pages (preferably) in length and contain the following information:

-      Title of the contribution

-      A clear statement of the research question

-      Remarks on methodology adopted in the paper

-      Outline of (expected) results

-      Bibliographical notes

The official language of the Forum is English and simultaneous translation from/to Arabic will be provided.

Accepted papers will be published in the TVET Innovation Leaders Forum proceedings and speakers will be invited to speak at the Leaders Forum. All expenses will be borne by ACTVET.

The presentation on the 2nd of February 2022:

-      The presentation should not exceed 20 slides.

-      The duration of the presentation is 15 minutes.

-      The presentations should be engaging and attractive; including video clips and pictures are highly encouraged.

Presenters are encouraged to move around and make use of the stage.

Important Dates:

-      30 December 2021: Deadline for abstracts and panel session suggestions.

-      10 January 2022: Notification of acceptance.

-      15 January 2022: Deadline for final papers.

-      2 February 2022: TVET Innovation Leaders Forum.


Please address any questions about "Call for Papers" and/or TVET Innovation Week 2019 Secretariat to the attention of TVET Innovation Week Project Manager via email address TVETInnovationWeek@actvet.ac.ae