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Abu Dhabi Center for Vocational and Vocational Training (ACTVET) conducts the Skills For Life Program on an annual basis, with the primary goal of enhancing the competence of Emirati students in grades 6 to 12 across diverse technical and vocational fields, while also focusing on improving their English language skills.

ACTVET is dedicated to strengthening the integration of education and recreation within the Skills For Life Program. This strategic approach plays a vital role in achieving exceptional results in various educational and training endeavors.

What are the objectives of the Program?

  • Fostering education through recreation to establish a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment.
  •  Instilling students with lifelong values, including teamwork and a sense of individual responsibility in their daily pursuits.
  • Nurturing individual character, confidence, and skills through diverse activities such as sports, workshops, and cultural experiences.
  • Equipping students with practical skills and providing them with clear pathways to achieve success.
  • Promote and expand vocational and technical programs within UAE.