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Each year ACTVET promotes Skills4life Technology Camp, which focuses on providing students with short courses in more than twenty technical and vocational skills during the school break and enhancing their existing skills on giving them the chance to discover new ones. Skills4life is designed to focus on providing a variety of positive learning experiences through recreational activities, field trips, competitions, leadership training, meetings with experts and leading industries.

Each year, Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET) will organize and coordinate Skill4life, a program that is designed to focus on improving the performance of National students from grades 6 to 12 in the areas of English, technology and vocational education.

The aim of the program is to provide a variety of positive learning experiences for students that ‘value-add’ to their knowledge, skills and attitudes. ACTVET wants to strengthen the focus of Skills4life on education through recreation and place a greater emphasis on identifying and achieving the key learning outcomes of each activity with focus on English, vocational and technology based programs and field related projects.

What are the objectives of the Program?

  • To encourage students to form social relationship and make new friends in a highly supportive environment in which education through recreation is emphasized
  • To instill the lifelong values of teamwork and individual responsibility in daily tasks in a healthy environment
  • To build individual character, confidence and skills through a wide range of sports, workshops and cultural activities
  • To approach and experience each and every day as a new and exciting adventure
  • To recruit more students in vocational and technical programs and institutions