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Qualifications Development

The Qualification Development Section quality assures UAE National Qualifications which are qualifications that are at Levels (1) to (9) on the National Qualifications Framework for the United Arab Emirates (QFEmirates). Each individual level in the framework represents a hierarchy of relative difficulty, complexity and depth.  It indicates the achievement required to gain a particular qualification recognised at that specific level. They meet the quality standards laid down by the National Qualifications Authority (NQA) and the Vocational Education and Training Awards Council (VETAC) and are benchmarked to accepted international standards.

ACTVET National Qualifications Department  are developed through supports the Recognised National Development Committees (RNDC's) supported by the in developing Qualification Department Qualification Development Section.

How To Develop UAE National qualifications?

National Qualifications are developed by a Recognised National Development Committee (RNDC). The committee is made up from business, industry and educational specialists who write qualifications through the following process:

  1. Part A - application to become an RNDC and develop an occupational profile.  An Occupational profile includes a functional analysis and career pathway for an occupational skill area to identify where and how an occupation fits into the occupational profession. This part is submitted to NQA.

  2. Part B - VETAC approved  the Functional Analysis and Occupational Profile.

  1. Once functional analysis and occupational profile is accepted by NQA, the RNDC works with the Awarding Body  to develop National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS*) and Qualifications.

*NOSS are simply "statements of knowledge, skills and aspects of competency required to complete a task, a critical function or a complex range of multiple tasks and functions". They define the standard of performance required in a given occupation. In other words, they are the minimum threshold for competent performance.

  1. The Awarding body quality assures the qualifications and submits to NQA for endorsement.