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Service Description
    ACTVET provides the service of Registration of Training Provider (RTP). Training institutes can apply to become a Registered Training Provider to deliver NQA endorsed qualifications. This services is delivered by ACTVET Qualifications Department and Licensing and Accreditation Department.

    Service Steps:
    Step 1: Initial Registration with NQA.
    Training providers in Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates complete the initial registration via the NQA website using the link below to obtain an initial registration number.

    National Qualifications Authority

    Step 2: Applying for Full Registration with ACTVET.
    Training provider uploads on ACTVET E-Services Portal the initial evidence required for Full Registration (the list of evidence requirements is available on the portal).

    ACTVET E-Services Portal

    Step 3: Consultation meeting.
    Based on an invitation from the Training Provider management, ACTVET will carry out a visit to the provider’s premises to explain further the process and the requirements for full registration to become an RTP.

    Step 4: Organization Capacity Assessment / Centre approval visit.
    Once the Training Provider is ready with all the required evidence, the actual inspection will take place.
  • The Licensing Department Accreditation Team will evaluate the evidences related to the organization’s capacity and approve or reject the application.
    • The Qualifications Department Management Section Team will evaluate that the Training Provider’s assessment and verification processes as well as the provider’s staff capability to deliver UAE National Qualifications.

    Feedback is provided for quality improvement, where necessary, and a further inspection will be scheduled.

    Step 5: Granting RTP Status.
    Training Providers meeting the NQA criteria are granted Registered Training Provider (RTP) status.
    NQA is informed officially of the Awarding Body( ACTVET) decision for official launching.           

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